Saturday, August 15, 2009

Forays into the unknown

We here at Fox and Fawn have decided to be a little less shy and retiring, so we've created a blog to get the word out. Stay tuned for a whole bunch of exciting news including store renovations, upcoming shows and parties (free booze and good tunes!), and regular updates on our ever-changing inventory. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the shop let us introduce ourselves.

Fox and Fawn is a vintage shop in Manhattan's Lower East Side. We stock our racks with treasures found from collections across the nation as well as with wares our neighbors (near and far) bring in for our BUY/SELL/TRADE. The primary owner is founder Marissa Johnson who started the shop under it's original name Found with her then-partner. A few years, a makeover and a name-change later, Fox and Fawn in still going strong. Recently Beverly Hames (aka the voice of this me, do I write in first or third person here?!) joined Marissa and here we are!

During it's four years of existence, Fox and Fawn has had a singular mission, to be a shore that we ourselves could shop at. In other words, Fox and Fawn has the gentlest price point this (or any) side of the East River. Dresses average between $24.95 and $45.95, tops range from $12.95 to $32.95 and skirts and shorts will only set you back between $16.95 and 39.95. Only one item is priced over $80 and that's the most glorious vintage Gucci bag we have hanging behind the counter! We focus on wearable vintage and retro (aka on-trend but maybe a little too recent to be "vintage" like the glorious 90s garb lining our racks) styles peppered with designer gems.

Got it? We're cheap, not easy. Our prices look as good as our clothes, which means they look pretty darn good and they'll look even better on you.

Blogged out.

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