Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Partytime!

end of summer party flyer
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By the end of this week our renovations will be done. We'll have a new fitting room and more rack space and more beautiful exposed brick! Once the racks are back up we're breaking out the fall merch we've been collecting all summer long. Not only do we have a new season and new renovations to celebrate, our 2 year anniversary is coming up! Whew! There is a lot going on around here and what better way to take a load off than to party!

Barcelowsky (pictured below trying on some F&F regalia) and Berko are manning the decks with end of summer tropical party jams and Sean Ragon, Cult of Youth's master bartender is concocting a special spiked punch that will make your eyes cross and your taste buds sing (aka it'll be yummy and get you drunk.)


The store is coming together, though it looks a little messy right now:

The people next door needed to build a bathroom in part of our space to stay open. We gladly obliged and are getting a new fitting room behind it plus extra rack space. Hence the rectangular cut-out.

Three minutes after I took this picture the girl in the reflection nabbed the Gucci bag in the center. Magic?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Why hello there...

It's already mid-August but this summer heatwave makes fall clothing seem unimaginable right about now. Do I really want to be putting out wool dresses in 90 degree heat? Regardless of the weather, we've begun to transition our buying into fall but a few summer goodies proved irresistable. We've also got a huge selection of new seasonless basics, perfect for hot summer days or layering into cool autumn evenings. We've been shouting your ears off about them over on our Facebook and yammering up a storm on our Twitter but bear with us as we once again innundate you with a stream of our amazing new stock. Can you handle it? I'm sure you can!

Striped vintage silk Georgio Armani...I love this, totally wearable size 38 and only $45.95

I'm not normally a ruffles and pink sort of girl but this tunic/mini dress totally wins. The square neckline offsets the ruffle storm perfectly. Size S. $22.95

Sigh...this is gonna make me think of summer year round, but paired with some cream tights and you are ready to wear it into fall. Pull it out of your closet when the cold wind's got you down and feel sunny all the time (where I come up with these blurbs I have no clue, but what I speak is the truth!) $39.95

Who doesn't love a mime? Okay fine, plenty of people, but they shouldn't be so cruel. $7.95

Better question, who doesn't love a vintage Gucci bag with a barrel clasp? And who can gripe about it only being $64.95? No one, that's who!

Not vintage Betsey but just as cute as! Betsey Johnson ultra girly dress with a pink rose eyelet tiered skirt. You don't have to be a good girl to pull this off, unbutton the top buttons and let it all hang out. Size S. $54.95

Hello I am a John Paul Gaultier linen swing top with an Indian inspired neckline and pockets. I look amazing all buttoned as a top or open as a jacket. Either way please buy me before Beverly loses all control and takes me home with her even though I don't fit her bust. Size 42. $54.95

No, your eyes don't deceive, that is indeed a patriotic honey bear bustier with an eyelet inset. Yes it's amazing. Yes indeed. Size 34 (small in the bust, best for an A or perhaps a small B.) $14.95

That's it for this week, check back next week for another weekend roundup. Plus coming soon (as in hopefully Monday) we'll be giving you picks of the day so be prepared (and by prepared I mean excited!)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Forays into the unknown

We here at Fox and Fawn have decided to be a little less shy and retiring, so we've created a blog to get the word out. Stay tuned for a whole bunch of exciting news including store renovations, upcoming shows and parties (free booze and good tunes!), and regular updates on our ever-changing inventory. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the shop let us introduce ourselves.

Fox and Fawn is a vintage shop in Manhattan's Lower East Side. We stock our racks with treasures found from collections across the nation as well as with wares our neighbors (near and far) bring in for our BUY/SELL/TRADE. The primary owner is founder Marissa Johnson who started the shop under it's original name Found with her then-partner. A few years, a makeover and a name-change later, Fox and Fawn in still going strong. Recently Beverly Hames (aka the voice of this blog...help me, do I write in first or third person here?!) joined Marissa and here we are!

During it's four years of existence, Fox and Fawn has had a singular mission, to be a shore that we ourselves could shop at. In other words, Fox and Fawn has the gentlest price point this (or any) side of the East River. Dresses average between $24.95 and $45.95, tops range from $12.95 to $32.95 and skirts and shorts will only set you back between $16.95 and 39.95. Only one item is priced over $80 and that's the most glorious vintage Gucci bag we have hanging behind the counter! We focus on wearable vintage and retro (aka on-trend but maybe a little too recent to be "vintage" like the glorious 90s garb lining our racks) styles peppered with designer gems.

Got it? We're cheap, not easy. Our prices look as good as our clothes, which means they look pretty darn good and they'll look even better on you.

Blogged out.