Monday, September 28, 2009

ETSY up, web sales are go!

We've branched out into online sales to get our lovely wares to the lovely ladies outside of NYC. This is our first foray into the Etsy realm, so we're going all out. Expect about 50 items up by the end of the week. Since we operate partially as a buy-sell-trade, we wanted to make sure that the lovely things we price from our sellers are available at a consistent price to out of town girls, hence the decision to go with Etsy instead of Ebay. Plus it's a great community for novices like us!

Check out our Etsy store at

Here's a taste:

70's multicolor button up vest - $22.95

Black leather Justin western boots, women's size 9D - $42.95

60's Bonwit Teller wool houndstooth coat, perfectly mod - $49.95

Honey bear bralet - $14.95

Sagittarius zodiac medallion - $29.95

We'll be adding more items this week including vintage YSL velvet, leather hotpants, and some serious sweaters. Stay tuned and shop away!

Fox and Fawn

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Holy Moly what fun!

Whoa...I wrote this on the fifth and neglected to post it until now...sorry partygoers, here's a taste of your beautiful faces! I'm ready for another rager, who is with me?

First of all, a gigantic thank you to everyone who came out to help us celebrate last night! Especially big ups to Manderson and Barcelowsky for turning sales floor into a dance floor and bringing it home at the end of the night...we owe you cabfare plus so much more, we won't forget. Bonnie was the best bartender and everyone graciously tipped. Sean made an amazing rum punch that people will be talking about until at least our next party (holidaze anyone?) The cops came and a few of our buddies got tickets but nothing catastrophic happened. The restaurant next door, Antibes, gave us ice and tolerated our drunken guests milling around outside. The residents of 112 Suffolk were patient with us as well and somehow don't hate us!

A huge mess of our friends came, saw, drank, danced, and shopped. We couldn't ask for more. Here are some shots from yet another successful party! The toilet kept working but now the sink is broken. Not bad considering it was the only party casualty (aside from maybe a little dignity.)

Good times from the get-go.

Lewd times from the get-go.

Cheek-ie's Angela, modeling kombucha and Fox and Fawn printed vintage pants, great combo.

Party interlopers

I cornered Christiana by the mens rack.

Leggy ladies, Brandi and Jenni

Nate Flood + Gnarlitude Jen = hat party

Chuck and Elisa

Thanks for the enthusiasm ladies.

Jonas with Levis

Steve and Louise

Lisa and Carlen get photobombed.

Our beautiful bartender Bonnie

A pensive Justin Dean

Sean and Micki...RIP Sean's mustache.

Lily and Andrew...finally two people who don't have links attached to their names.

Laura's pants kill me. So good.

Colt 45, does it every time.

The lovely Liz

I have no idea whose dog this was, but it looks sad. This was not a puppy party although all were welcome.

Daniel and Manderson held it down all night.

And around 11 everyone politely peaced out. Yeah!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Internship Opportunity

Not with us, but with our good buddy Angela who does the jewelry line Cheek-ie.

We carry her lovely jangles in the store and she's been doing her line as a solo act for a few seasons, admirable but crazy! She can't pay you with $ but she can give you lunch, credit hours, and some seriously amazing jewelry. If I wasn't up to my neck in her necklaces already I'd consider this offer myself.

Here's what she's looking for:
I don't know why i didn't do this before. i am searching for an extra hand. someone (guy, girl, 'maphrodite) that can help me process orders, post things, help update my website (dreamweaver or photoshop knowledge a major +) organize press clippings, scanning, etc. you know intern stuff...

Days needed are Monday Tuesday and Wednesday 12pm-5pm

You can contact her via email at

Street Boner

Our friend Paul K didn't get that Obituary shirt here, but we've got a Morbid Angel tee with his name on it. This is what street style should be all about.

Paul K Street Boner has the best comments ever