Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lovely ladies showing love

First we saw that our lovely friend Elizabeth over at White Lightning posted this amazing Sailor Mercury outfit she concocted included a rad shirt she snagged at the shop.

Then we saw that the lovely Susie Bubble over at Style Bubble showed off a rad vintage tie-dye button down from Fox & Fawn in one of her stellar outfit posts from when she was stranded in NYC thanks to that pesky volcano.

Basically here's what we're saying, ladies if you buy something from us and love it and blog it let us know because WE LIVE FOR THIS SORT OF THING! Oh man and if you send us pictures of yourselves in gear from the shop we'll post them on our Facebook and our blog. And same for the dudes of course. Our customers are the reason we exist. We live to dress you guys and you guys allow us to live in a very literal food on the table sense.

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