Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Current favs in stock

I cannot freak out enough about these Harley Davidson side-lace leather pants. If they were my size I would have had some serious trouble putting them out on the racks, I mean COME ON! Moto is major right now, but honestly, these are beyond any trends. Classic dirty American style, and for less than $50...we must be insane!

Speaking of side-lace pants, we also have these Opening Ceremony gems. The tag size says XS but they can fit up to a medium (they are 100% cotton and stretch like nobody's business, although a nice trip to a hot dryer will probably tighten them up.) They are a lightweight knit that will definitely take you all the way through spring to summer's edge.

Oh wait, what? Size 32 Schlitz pants? Make these into cut-offs for the ultimate backyard BBQ shorts or keep them long and freak out the normals.

Okay, I've noticed some discrepancies as to what these pull-over wonders are called. I've always known them as bajas, but everyone here on the east coast seems to want to call them ponchos or drug rugs. When I hear poncho I think of crocheted sleeveless cape-like wonders and I personally don't like the term "drug rug". It makes it seem like a bong must be firmly planted in hand for you to wear one. So I'll keep calling them bajas even if no one else seems to agree with me, it best represents the chilled out Mexican border vibes these carry.

I love Queen. If you don't buy this soon I will take it home with me and dye it and wear it all summer long. Clock's ticking.

Vince Neil is a tool, but Motley Crue rules and so does this shirt. Never desired an air-brushed close-up portrait of this bloated beauty's face? Maybe that's just because you didn't know what was possible.

We're all for riding this goth revival wave for as long as possible and this stretchy black double front-slit skirt is one of our favorites. Especially if you reinterpret it without the Melrose Place belly chain attire it was probably originally worn with.

Black acid, makes me think of the Lost Boys and every dirt metal dream I've ever had. We've got two of these, one for the ladies and a larger one for the dudes.

Speaking of trends we're happy to see comeback is the triumphant return of the high-cut one-piece. We have a serious selection of amazing ones, come check them out. And of course we have a nice assortment of bikinis for those dedicated to the two-piece tanlines.

We have a Raiders phone our friend gave us as a gift for the store (afterall, who has a landline aside from a business these days, especially in NYC?) So of course we freaked out when we saw this tiny Raiders athletic jacket.

And for the dudes we have only the classiest of beer memorabilia. Coors Light, it's what everyone's dad drinks in Midwest, where I hail from. Such a weakness for that silver bullet.

And hey, look at this headless babe, she's just hangin. Orange cutoffs sewed onto black cotton bikeshorts along with a Mary Meyer tank and a sleeveless denim vest. We think this is summer perfection but we may be pushing it with the ankle bracelet (courtesy of Cheek-ie) but we don't think so. I mean it's not like she's got a toe-ring or anything, right?

Greenpoint Love

The Greenpoint Gazette stopped by last week and talked to both Marissa and myself. They wrote a really sweet article about us and really made us feel at home in our new neighborhood.

And special thanks to our dearest Anjali for her perfect props, “I’ve always thought they needed more space. This is a perfect, magical place, like destiny for them. I feel like all the stars will align now and really believe in it,” Suneja said.

Between the lava lamps, the spooky psych toons, and one customer's description that we look like a place where "woman shamans shop" we're really high on magic. Trying not to go overboard on our tribal prints and bajas but we just can't help it! Spirit vibes for all!

Read the whole article here

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

And we're off!


Our opening day was a blast, despite the rain. We worked our butts off and got about 3 hours of sleep the night before. We were working past 3 am laying out the merchandise and pricing everything and up super early to get beer and put the finishing touches on everything. I was so exhausted that I totally spaced on taking photos during most of the party, but thankfully I got some of the space at the beginning of the day.




Our ever-growing picture wall
We put all of the pictures that were up all over the old store on one wall. My goal is the have it take over the entire front area of the shop. I think the first addition I'm going to look for is an old pic of Paul Newman to keep Robert Redford company.

The most comfy jumpsuit ever
We were lucky enough of score the mannequins from the dear departed Circa Now. Check out these lovely ladies' other shop Court. They post the best pics of their incredibly gorgeous mannequins on their hilarious and awesome Blog.

New mannequins!
We are obsessed with this entire outfit and I seriously hope someone buys it head-to-toe, including the righteous Yin-Yang pendant!

Heaven Street's Records
We are so stoked to also announce that we've now got an in-house record store run by Sean Ragon (aka Beverly's boyfriend.) He's selling new and used vinyl and the selection is stellar!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Okay so we didn't have time to make a flyer

But here's the link to our Facebook event and the return of our lovely logo:

Party Details

And here's the spiel:

Fox & Fawn Reopening + Heaven Street Grand Opening Bash
We're open for business and ready to party!
Party - Cocktail Party
Saturday, March 13, 2010
12:00pm - 8:00pm
The brand new Fox & Fawn Greenpoint storefront
570 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY

You are invited for a day of shopping, drinking, and music in our brand new spot!
Come celebrate the debut of Heaven Street Records in the back room of Fox & Fawn's new bigger Brooklyn location.
We'll have booze and music all day long!

DJs include:
Sean Ragon (Cult of Youth and Heaven Street proprietor)
Glenn Maryansky (Blacklist, Wierd)
Jennifer Mears
Mike Phillips (Peter Pinguid Society)
+ super special guests

We've got tons of new goods we can't wait to show you, and once you see them you won't be able to keep your hands off them.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

News news news!

Just so you all know, our reopening party is gonna be March 13th. That's this coming Saturday. Pretty fancy invite flyer and details coming in the next day or two.

We're almost ready. How exciting is that?