Friday, July 16, 2010

Tread lightly into summer

I don't know about you but summer footwear is always a hard one for me. I have my three favorite pairs of sandals that I wear just about every day and am constantly having to get resoled. I wear my sneakers and moccasins to death, literally, where they get trashed beyond the scope of resale or repair. So I'm always on the look-out for cute new summer shoes. Thankfully we've got a whole bunch of season footwear in the store right now for your perusal.

Okay, so maybe these aren't the best way to start off a summer themed post, but it's been rainy the past few days and it's rare you come across a low-topped duck boot/boat shoe hybrid. Size 9, $17.95.

These are an obscure 90's sub-label of Chinese Laundry, not exactly quality high fashion shoes, but we priced them on the cheap because they are amazing. A size 6 and $12.95 they are a no-brainer, everyone needs sequin sneaks, I mean come on!

These little vintage Nina angels are perfect for a picnic. The ribbon can be wrapped up your calf ballerina style or tied in a nice neat bow at the ankle. Espadrilles are always and forever summer perfection.

Well hello there Ralph Lauren saddle shoes. Aren't you just adorable. These shoes have been sitting in our window teasing passersby. They are marked a size 8 1/2 but fit more like a 7 1/2 and are pretty narrow.


These babes are probably the oldest pair of Wild Pair shoes I've come across. Most likely from the later 1970's they have an amazing lucite platform and gold metal heels. They are a rarity at a size 10 and are serious man-killers.

These guys! My favorites and unfortunately a picture doesn't quite do them justice. Vintage Stuart Weitzman low-rise espadrilles with a lace-up front. Chase the rainbow.

Oh hi there cute breathable woven shoes. I'd wear you every day without socks all summer long if you weren't a size 6 and I wasn't a size 10. Sigh...

With the Birkenstock Renaissance beginning get a jump on a finer interpretation with these APC beauties. Well worn but lovingly cared for they are serious perfection in a size 8.

So walk softly in a pair of sequin sneaks or click-clack loudly in some lucite/metal platforms or prance along in some seriously lady-like espadrilles. This is just a sample of the lovely summer loveliness we've got for your feet.

Fox & Fawn