Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vintage Fetishism

I've started a column over at the Dirty Durty Diary website. I'm super excited to share it with all of you and also have some of you participate. The column is called Threads Bared and each week I'll write about a single beautiful vintage garment that is either housed in someone's personal collection, for sale in a shop, or in a rental archive. The qualifications aren't too strict, it can be unworn or tattered, 100 years old or 30, designer or homemade, what matters is that it's a singular special piece that is eye-catching and loved by it's owner. A good story attached to the origin of the piece doesn't hurt either, but it's not necessary.

For the introductory column I started with a piece from my own closet that Marissa gave me around the time I became a partner in Fox & Fawn. Obviously, that makes it pretty damn special to me. I also discovered that the bedroom wall in our apartment is a wonderful photo backdrop. Good to know.

So if you, dear Fox & Fawn supporter have anything you'd like to share with the world let me know and I'll come over and photograph it (if you're near) and get your story. And to you fellow shop owners, we're in this together and I'd love to support your scene. After all, part of the fun of this column is hunting down amazing things that readers can actually purchase instead of it just being fashion voyeurism. You can leave a comment or drop me a line at beverlyhames@gmail.com

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Party in the LES next weekend! - UPDATE CANCELED

Wow, it's already over 6 months since we packed up shop and reopened in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. That was fast! But fear not Manhattan, we haven't abandoned ye entirely. We're participating in a rad "Shop N Bop" party put on by In Your Closet NYC and other lovely ladies at Spencer Sweeney's giant LES loft.

There will be DJs, hair and nail artists, and most importantly a ton of rad vintage sellers, including Fox & Fawn. For our part we'll be packing up the station wagon with great vintage bargains and designer archive pieces for our trek over the Williamsburg Bridge. The loft itself has an amazing deck so there is loads of outdoor space if you just wanna hang, keep us company, and catch some end of summer rays.

Here's the flyer with all the details and a link to the Facebook event. Pass it on, this will be a blast!