Monday, January 31, 2011

Looking forward into spring

We here at Fox & Fawn can't wait for this awful New York winter to end.  Tomorrow is February 1, and spring is still a long way away unless the groundhog gives us good news on Wednesday.  Speaking of, does anyone else think it's weird that spring is further away if he sees his shadow?  I mean if he sees his shadow doesn't that mean the sun is shining, a good beacon of hope for warmer weather?  I never got that.

Anyway, we just wanted to let you know that we are starting our transition into spring buying.  What does this mean?  Here's a run-down of the items we'll be no longer accepting and the ones we'll be looking for:

Coats:  We will no longer be looking for heavy wool or down coats.  Instead we will be buying lighter wool, denim, leather, canvas, and cotton jackets.  This doesn't mean that every heavier coat will be turned away, for instance vintage fur is basically seasonless around these parts.

Boots and Shoes:  We are still very much interested in your boots, the transitional seasons are a perfect time to be buying and selling almost all varieties of boots EXCEPT snow boots.  Shoe-wise, the spring transition means we aren't quite ready for sandals, but we are looking forward to seeing more flats, pumps, and booties, even of the open-toe variety.

Tops:  We love sweaters and thankfully as we turn to spring we'll still be buying them, just in a smaller quantity.  We're always selective when it comes to style and condition but as these items will be harder to sell in the coming months we must be extra picky.  T-shirts are always a go around here, the same goes for button-downs in cotton, silk, and denim.  It's a little early for super light tanks and gauzy tees, but if they are good layering pieces they may have a place on our racks this early in the year.

Dresses:  We buy dresses year round, that's no secret and the transition means we want even more!  Vintage wool knits are still in, but in moderation.  Super heavy sweater dresses are on their way out but we'll still consider some knits.  We have a tough time selling double-knit poly any time of the year.  The first buying period of spring opens the doors to lighter cotton, silk, mesh, and rayon.  More than fabric, it means we're really looking for bright colors and statement prints to pop out on our racks.

Everything Else:  Spring means it's time to say goodbye to winter accessories, especially scarves and hats.  We still have some amazing pieces in stock for you cold shoppers, but we're not looking for more.  In fact almost all of our winter accessories are on sale for 25% off.  By winter hats we mean heavy knits and wool, we still buy almost every style of vintage hat year-round.  Pants, think more denim and less wool.  Lightweight slacks, silk, and leggings are in the game.  Our jewelry case can always fit more baubles and jangles year round!

*As always what we're buying changes day to day and is reflective on current stock levels and customer demand.  If you have any questions feel free to call the store at 718.349.9510 or leave us a comment here on the blog.  For a full overview of our buying process and rates please click here for our buying information.

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