Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall Buying

It may be balmy out there still, but we're looking forward and we've started buying for fall.
What does this mean?

Swimwear, sandals, and super summery dresses and prints (think slinky silk sleeveless/strapless and barely there cotton blends) are out.

Layerable pieces are still in (if you can throw a denim jacket over it or a pair of tights under it, we still want it.) These items include denim cut-offs, cotton, rayon, and some linen dresses, open-toed shoes, and some tanks.

We are now starting to buy wool sweaters and cardigans as well as cotton and vintage acrylic ones. Similarly, we are open to light wool, cotton, canvas, leather and nylon jackets. Save your parkas, massive furs/shearlings, and heavy wool coats for a couple more months when we'll start buying for winter. We may buy in some items ahead of season if they are designer or exceptional vintage, but you will get a better price if you bring them during the appropriate season. A rabbit fur jacket may be priced low to move in September but it will be priced higher as part of normal stock in November. If you have any questions, the best thing to do is call before you shlep any heavy items in.

As far as footwear goes, it is now boot season! We're buying most styles of boots, the primary exception being fur or shearling lined ones. It's still a little early for those. We're especially looking for ankle boots, combat boots (we love Docs,) flat riding boots, and lace-up or roper boots in a Western style or otherwise.

As always we focus on vintage and designer items as well as contemporary street wear. We are looking for items that are "on-trend" or ahead of the curve. Since our store is relatively small we buy selectively and all buying decisions must bring into consideration what we already have in stock and what has recently been marked down. Unfortunately we do not have the customer base for mid-range contemporary formal wear or department store office-wear. The suiting we are able to purchase is tends to be designer brands like Theory and above. If we pass on an item because it's too formal or conservative we will happily direct you to a more suitable resale spot.

Also, please note we are unable to give specific price quotes via email or over the phone. Feel free to contact us for general buying inquiries or if you have a question if a certain item is suitable for the season we are purchasing for.

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