Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Buying hours reminder

A note to all our lovely customers:
We stop buying half an hour before closing time.
This means we buy from 12 - 7:30 on Monday-Saturday and 12 - 6:30 on Sunday.

By stop buying, we mean we stop. Therefore if you show up at 7:15 with four huge duffel bags we may not be able to go through it all. These hours are in effect so we can have a sufficient amount of time to do our closing tasks. Also, if there is a wait when you arrive late in our business day (this is rare, but more frequent in the busy fall months) understand that we may not get to your things. You have the option of leaving your bags at the shop overnight. If you opt to do this we will look through your items first thing the following morning. Please note that we can't hold bags for more than one day, so if you leave them over night you must come back the following day to collect any remaining items as well as your cash or credit.

To avoid being turned away (we really hate doing it, we love getting in new stuff) keep the following in mind: it generally takes us about 10-15 minutes to sort through each large bag. The more items we take the longer it takes us to sort through them. If you have a lot of items it is suggested that you bring them in at least one full hour prior to closing time. And remember we have a limit of four large bags per customer.

We don't mean to sound stern, but our buying hours are necessary to provide us as buyers with an adequate amount of time to assess the items you bring in. This is good for everyone, shoppers get a crack at the best goods and sellers get the fairest most appropriate price for the items they bring in and we can minimize error and make sure give our customers their fair share of our attention.

Fox & Fawn

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