Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ooh, we almost forgot!

Because this blog and our Facebook page just weren't enough, we've got a Tumblr too.

It's a mix of store pics, inspiration shots, and personal photography. You know, stuff like this:

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It's not fall yet

Just got done uploading 30 new pictures to our Facebook page and I realized...wait, did I also used to post exciting new stuff on the blog? Eeps! Here are a few of my favorites currently in stock.

This is one of my favorite African print tops we've ever gotten in the store. The oversize collar belongs in the front but I think it would look even better in the back giving it an almost bow-like feel.

We've gotten a few pairs of paneled shorts like these, one pair was masquerading as chaps, but I'm especially partial to these ones. Maybe it's because they have a Seattle type feel that will lend them well into layer with knit tights or a flannel in fall.

Okay...I know. This skirt is CRAZY! It's also tiny. It's for real 50s vintage and the tiers have a net underlay. I'm so so so so in love with this, it's just waiting for the perfect petite lady to not shy away from volume.

Velvet burnout on silk is kind of the ultimate transitional material. Light and heavy at the same time, it's perfect for the coming months.

Okay, this may not be very rare or "special" but it's kind of perfect in a way I can't quite explain.

So, there you have it. Those are my current pics for this week. As always, if you want to see more check out our Facebook page.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The summer to fall transition

So it's August. And it's hot hot hot in NYC. I'm sitting here sweating away in cut-offs and a tank top as I write this. It's hard to believe we're already looking toward fall. We won't officially start buying for the next season until near the end of the month, but.

What does that mean?

*We're slowing down on overtly summery items. These items include bathing suits, strappy sandals, straw hats, light-weight shorts, and flimsy tank tops. If you bring in items that fit those descriptions they may be passed on even if they are in good condition or are styles we generally sell. Remember, we have a store full of summer merchandise that we need to sell before the chill sets in, so don't take it personally if it seems like we're passing on things similar to styles on our racks.

*We're still taking summer items that are adaptable. Adaptable items are things that can be worn layered or in multiple seasons such as light dresses, denim shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, and open-toe shoes. If you can throw a cardigan or a denim jacket over it or put on a pair of tights under it we want it!

*We're not buying for fall quite yet. Keep your heavier jackets and sweaters packed up for now, we're still staying away from wool for a few more weeks. We'll officially start buying for fall either in late August or early September depending on weather and our stock levels. Remember, fall doesn't mean winter, so keep your knit scarves and hats and down parkas on ice til November!

*We are, however, buying some fall-like items. Things like denim and leather jackets, combat and roper boots, jeans, light-weight knits, and long-sleeve blouses are now a go.

Stay tuned for more buying notes later this month.