Saturday, January 28, 2012

Late Winter/Early Spring Buying

It's been a while since we had an update. It's unseasonably warm and it feels like winter isn't even here yet, but spring is just around the corner (we hope!) While we're not quite ready to start the buying transition just yet, we have entered our late winter/early spring buying phase.

What does this mean?

Late winter means we're slowing down on heavier winter coats. Instead we're focusing on transitional pieces that can go from winter to spring. This means we probably buy your parka or heavy wool coat. Same goes for your winter accessories like hat and heavy scarves. We're still looking for things like sweaters, lighter wool jackets, layering pieces, basic boots, denim and leather jackets, and some lighter-weight sweater dresses.

Early spring means we're starting to buy lighter weight dresses even some sundresses. We're not quite ready for strappy sandals but we'll entertain an open-toe shoe here and there. It's not time for overtly summer items like swimwear or other beachwear like sunhats or cover-ups, but we will be starting to buy in things like cotton rompers and sleeveless tops. Basically if you can throw a cardigan and a denim jacket over it or tights under it there's a good chance we'll take it if the style and condition are right for us.

As always, we buy according to stock levels, style, season, and condition. This is meant to be a guide but isn't the end-all be-all of what we may be buying on any given day.


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