Friday, August 17, 2012

Now Buying Fall

The time has come, we are now buying for fall.

This means we are ready for light jackets and coats, medium and light-weight sweaters and knits, boots, denim, and leather!

We aren't ready for things like heavy wool coats, parkas, snow boots, furs, or inclement out wear and accessories.

No more swimwear, sandals, shorts that can't be layered with tights, whispy summer rompers and dresses, or overtly summery prints (Hawaiian this means you!)

We occasionally make exceptions for the exceptional but please note that off-season items are always priced lower, so hold on to that Moncler parka for another couple of months if you want top dollar for it.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer to Fall Transition

It may be pushing 90 today but fall is coming!
We haven't officially started buying for fall but we have begun our transition between seasons. What does this mean for our sellers?

We are no longer buying swimwear. We are slowing down on tank tops, super gauzy, sheer or lightweight dresses and skirts. Layering pieces and sundresses are still in. Basically if you can't imagine wanting to wear something by the time the leaves start changing we probably won't buy it.

As far as fall goes, we're slowly easing into lightweight jackets like denim and leather. Also lighter knits are a go. No wool yet, we'll be ready for that in a few more weeks.

Shoe-wise we are starting to look at boots and slowing down on sandals. Strappy shoes that can be paired with tights are still a go. We are currently pretty full on shoes so we are being fairly selective but as always we'll take a look at whatever you bring in and will let you know if we're passing on items because of season alone.

The transition is good news for shoppers too! Our 50% off rack is newly replenished with some adorable summery dresses and light jackets. Also inside the store a lot of items have been marked down 25% including all of our swimwear! Come in and get outfitted for the perfect Brooklyn Indian summer.